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Projectworks can be integrated with Microsoft Azure AD to provide additional security as well as a streamlined login experience for your people.


Microsoft Azure AD SSO

Setting up the Single Sign-on with Microsoft Azure

The process is quick and easy to do, and once the connection to Microsoft Azure has been successfully established you have options to require all people, or a subset of people to use their Microsoft Online credentials to access Projectworks.

The process involves

  • Establishing the connection to Microsoft Azure AD

  • Choosing which people in Projectworks will need to use SSO to login

The person performing the first part of the integration set up will need to have access to the Projectworks admin section and have the Azure AD Global Admin credentials.

Microsoft Azure AD

Using single sign-on via Microsoft Azure AD will allow people to login to Projectworks using their Microsoft Online credentials instead of maintaining a username and password just for Projectworks.

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Projectworks only supports single sign on with Microsoft Azure