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Your Projectworks data is stored in a Microsoft Azure SQL database. You can use the connection details and credentials to run queries over an extensive set of data views to extract data into applications such as Microsoft Power BI, Excel, Microsoft SQL Management Studio - generally any application that can connect to a SQL database.


There are specific credentials required to connect to the SQL database. It is important to note the credentials will likely provide access to more data that a person can access using via the application.

The key difference between and admin and basic credentials is the admin login includes access to people costs and margin information, which the basic login does not.

Be aware that admin SQL login credentials will allow access to cost rates of people and other potentially sensitive data.

Click the three dots to the right of the applicable login to get the details of the server, database, user name and password.

Integration - SQL Logins

The login password can be cycled if you want to reset the credentials. This will prevent any connections using the previous password to fail.