My Resourcing

You can see your own resourcing for the next 2 weeks on your dashboard, and see a longer forward view by clicking the Resourcing menu.

When you first login to Projectworks you are presented with your personalized home screen, which includes details of what you are resourced for the current and next week.

  1. Resourcing for the current and next week are shown, with the number of hours per project
  2. Resourcing is grouped into the different types of project Billable, Internal, Sales and Leave)
  3. Clicking the "arrow" takes you to your detailed resourcing page, with more details and a longer range view
  4. The total hours resourced are shown

My resourcing

Everyone has their own resourcing page where they can see the full picture of their upcoming resourcing. The quickest way to access "your" resourcing is to click Resourcing in the menu - My Resourcing is the default page for the Resourcing section.

The following is an overview of the page

  1. Use the date picker to jump further forward to see future resourcing, or use the arrows to go back and forward a week at a time
  2. A key explains the various colour coded which indicate the level of resourcing for the week:
    1. Fully Resourced, exactly to capacity is shaded green
    2. Fully Resourced and over capacity is shaded pink
    3. Partially Resourced, but has capacity is shaded yellow
  3. Resourcing is grouped into the different types of projects; Billable, Non-billable. Leave and public holidays are also shown.
  4. The total hours resourced per week is shown, and compared to your weekly capacity
  5. Any pencil bookings are shown in a lighter shade of the applicable colour