Notification options for leave

Set up the rules your organisation wants for leave requests and then individuals can opt-in based on their preferences.

Setting the notification options for leave (Admin section)

The Notifications settings page in the admin section is where the higher level rules are established, then each individual sets their own settings to opt in to the things they want to be notified about.

By default, notifications will be set to go to the Line Manager, with additional options to have notifications sent to project managers or specified individuals. 

Project Manager

Notifications can be sent to the project manager of any projects the person is resourced to for the dates of leave. The type of leave will not be included in the notification.

Line Manager

Notifications will be sent to the line manger of the person the leave is for. This is the person set as the line manager of the current posting for the person.


Select one or more individuals to be notified of every leave request that is entered. This is a great option if your company centralises the leave approval process or needs to ensure a specific person is aware of all requested leave.

Different options can be used for each organisation (if applicable)

Setting your notification preferences (set by each person)

Each person is able to set up their own notification preferences. The notifications settings are accessed from the bell icon at the top right of the screen.

There are options for to have an in-app notification or receive an email for leave notifications where the person is a notification recipient.

By default notifications for leave are enabled (notification and email) but individuals can opt-out if preferred.

On your dashboard

The pending approval section of the My Dashboard lists any leave request that you are able to review and approve, including the option to only see approvals for direct reports.