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There is the ability to record payment notes and statuses against invoices in Projectworks. These notes (and statuses) exist only in Projectworks and don't link through to any accounting system. It isn't an extensive feature but will be useful if you want to record payment related notes against an invoice - for the purpose or monitoring within Projectworks.

The list of options for the invoice AR statuses can be customised.

Maintaining AR statuses

Click the blue + button to add an Invoice AR status value. An Invoice AR status value can be edited by clicking the three dots to the right.

If an Invoice AR status value is no longer needed it can be deactivated. An Invoice AR status value can only be deleted if not being used on any AR records.

Where are AR statuses shown

Invoice AR statuses are recorded against an invoice by selecting Payments and AR from the three dots to the right. They are only able to seen on this screen and aren’t currently displayed anywhere else in Projectworks. The AR payment log data is able to be reported on using the data connection (to Power BI etc).

Projects - Invoice AR Status