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The Month End Billing report highlights the accuracy of the amount invoiced compared to the amount forecast for a project. If the amount invoiced is outside the configured accuracy limits a comment and a reason for the exception can be recorded.

The list of options for the forecast exception can be customised.

Maintaining forecast exceptions

Click the blue + button to add a new forecast exception. A forecast exception can be edited by clicking the three dots to the right.

If a forecast exception is no longer needed it can be deactivated. A forecast exception can only be deleted if not being used on any exceptions.

Where are forecast exceptions shown

The Month End Billing report is the only place the forecast exceptions are shown. If the accuracy of a forecast is outside the configured thresholds a comment and reason can be noted on the project.

Forecast exceptions are recorded by clicking the speech bubble in the balance column in the Forecasting Accuracy section.

Projects - Forecast exceptions