Changing your login email address

Administrators are able to change the email address used for logging in to Projectworks.

To change someone’s email address you will need the following permissions enabled in your access level:

  • People > Can add & administer people

There are a couple of ways to change someone’s email address:

  • People list screens (All People, People By Access)

    • Find the person you want to change access level for and hover over the action menu (3 dots on the right) and select “Change Email Address”.

  • Person > Settings > General

    • Navigate to, or search for the person and go to their Settings tab where you can see the current email address and a link to change it.

Note: A confirmation email will be sent to the new address which includes a link to confirm the change. The email address won't show as changed until it has been confirmed by clicking the link in the confirmation email. Once changed, only the new email address can be used to login.

Issues changing email addresses

  • SSO

    • People who login in using SSO are able to have their email address changed in Projectworks but this must match the address in Azure AD.

  • Multiple Projectworks environments

    • People with access to multiple Projectworks environments (e.g. a production environment and a sandbox) will not be able to have their email address changed. Please contact support if you encounter this scenario.