28 Feb 2021 - Cost rate cards (beta)

New options for rate cards for "hourly" workers has been introduced in beta. All Forecasts screen updated to include option to filter to accounting code level.

Included in this release:

If you would like to join the beta testing of hourly worker cost rate cards, or If you have any feedback or questions please email support@projectworks.io.


Cost rate cards for hourly workers

A new method of setting up costs for hourly workers (often contractors) has been released to beta testing.

People set up as "Hourly" in their employment details can still use the existing cost structure, where a cost can be set up for a specified period of time.

The new option allows for multiple cost cards to be set up for a person, meaning different costs can be used for the same person, on different timecodes or projects at the same time.

New filters on the My Forecasts and All Forecasts screens

Additional filtering options have been added to the My Forecasts and All Forecasts screen.

Select one or more accounting codes to see only budget lines tagged with those codes. This will be helpful if you use accounting codes to split revenue between say different divisions of your organisation.

The organisaton filter has also been made multi-select.