18 Apr 2021 - Skills tagging for people

Administrators take note - there are new options for custom fields, and the set up of positions and ranks has been improved. Oh, and we've improved the setup of global billable rates.

Included in this release:

  • New options for custom fields:
    • A new multi select custom field option which will allow you to do things like skills tagging on people
    • You can now choose to use custom fields as filters on the People directory as well as when adding a resources to a project (will be added to more screens shortly)
    • The custom fields page has also been updated, with options to filter and group the data 
  • Person margin report has been upgraded, handles currency conversion and prorated costs
  • Clearer concept for billable rated (Global Billable Rates) has been implemented, allowing you to set the default billable rate for all roles, in all currencies you operate in from one page.
  • Positions and ranks have been reworked, you can now specify which ranks apply to which positions. It is now mandatory to specify a role for a person on their posting.
  • A minor change to the API, ranks are now restricted based on the position

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.


Custom field - multi select option

We are underway with a round of improvements to custom fields. In this release a new field type of "multi-select" has been added. 

The multi-select custom field will open up many options. A great first use would be as a way to tag skills of your people. The multi-select field can be added to people, companies, projects, project budgets and timecodes.

Multi select custom field in action

You can even group the options in a select or multi-select custom field. Enter a group name beside each option to organise them.

Custom fields - use as a filter on selected screens

Another powerful improvement to custom fields is underway. In this release we have provided the option for custom fields on the Person Details page to be surfaced as a filter on the People Directory, as well as when adding resources to a project.

Use custom field to filter the people directory or to help when assigning resources to a project

In coming weeks this will be extended to allow filters to be added to the Resourcing by Availability screen. We think this will be super helpful!

Person margin report

A number of improvements have been made to the margin report for a person. The key changes include:

  • Choose the currency to see costs, revenue and margin in (all values will be converted to and presented in the chosen currency.
  • For salaried workers, the monthly cost will be the annualised cost divided by 12. Costs are pro rated for a month if not applicable for the full month.
  • For hourly workers, costs are based on the applicable cost rate for each time entry, with each recorded time entry contributing to the cost.
  • Only the current and previous months are shown, timesheet data is used to determine the billable value of their work.
  • A graph has been added to monthly margin performance

Person margin report can be viewed in a selected currency and graph shows monthly performance

Use the data picker to focus on a particular timer period - such as the margin achieved for the past fiscal quarter.

People Roles and Billable Rates

We've made some changes to how roles and default billable rates are set up.

Positions and ranks

  • You can now choose whether or not a position has ranks. If you don't already use ranks there's nothing you need to do here! If you do use ranks we recommend you review each position and assess if ranks are applicable. 
  • Removing unused ranks will help simplify lists of position+rank combinations to only those that are relevant for you.
  • Each position + rank is now called a 'role', and a user's role is now mandatory on their posting.

Choose which ranks apply to each postion

Note: Removing ranks from a position may impact a user's posting. You will be able to address any instances of this during the position+rank edit flow.

Global billable rates

Setting up default rates (renamed to 'Global billable rates') is now a breeze! All roles are already listed out for each currency you operate in on the one page.

Global billable rates are easily established. Set the rate for each role in each currency you operate in

Pro tip: If you see a set of ranks for a position that are no longer relevant you can click on them to update the rank settings for that position

Custom billable rates

Setting up custom rate cards has been streamlined and is now a one-step process. As above, all of the roles are already listed out and you can type in the rates for each role, or choose to set a single rate for all.

Easily create a custom rate card on one screen