14 June 2021 - Timesheet locking

Lock a month to prevent timesheets being updated, approved leave automatically exported to Xero payroll and update to Xero expenses integration

Included in this release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.



Timesheet locking

Months can now be locked to prevent time entries from being added or edited. Locking of months is controlled in the admin section on the Month Locking screen (formerly called Periods).

To lock a month simply slide the toggle to Locked.

Timesheets can be locked to prevent time being added or edited

When a month is locked people will not be able to add or change any time entries within that month.

Note: Time entries can still be marked as reviewed (or not reviewed) in a locked month.


Xero payroll leave integration update

As a result of customer feedback we have made a couple of improvements to the leave integration process.

Instant exporting of approved leave

When a leave request is approved in Projectworks it will automatically be exported to Xero straightaway, removing the need for an administrator to export leave.

There are a few things to point out:

  • If the leave doesn't match an employee record in Xero, the leave will still be approved in Projectworks but the export will fail. It will be marked as "Needs attention" and your Projectworks administrator will need to correctly link the entities.
  • A leave request can be exported individually. This will only be an option if a leave request had a failed export previously.
  • Administrators will still have the option to run a bulk export from the All Leave screen (which will attempt to export any leave request which have failed to export previously).

Ability for people to refresh their leave balance

Each person now has the ability to refresh their own leave balance. This can be done from their leave screen, clicking the Refresh leave balances button will get their current leave balances from Xero.

Administrators will still have the ability to refresh everyones leave balances from the All Leave screen.

Xero expenses integration - due date set

A minor change has been made to the export of reimbursable expenses to bills to pay in Xero. The Due Date of each bill to pay is being set to the date it was exported from Projectworks.

This will allow bills to pay in Xero to be "bulk approved" which couldn't be done with a blank due date. Of course you can alter the due date manually in Xero if required.

Minor improvements

Resourcing rate

The rate used for calculating the value of future resourcing has been updated. Only the rates form standard timecodes are factored into the calculation (rates for on-call and call-out timecodes are ignored).

Time entry rounding

For invoices that are created in time and materials mode, the value of each time entry is rounded to 2 decimal places before being summed. This ensures values are consistent across the invoice, breakdown report and time entries reports. 

Invoice breakdown report for invoice lines in forecast or manual mode

When an invoice line is created in forecast or manual mode it is possible the sum of all time entries will not match the amount of the invoice line. This is because the value of each time entry is pro-rated based on the invoice line amount, and rounded to 2 decimal places.