11 July 2021 - Minor updates

Included in this release:

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Xero leave integration - leave types 

New rules have been implemented to align the leave integration to the functionality available to employees in Xero payroll.

In Projectworks people are able to apply for any of the leave types that have been mapped to Xero. However there is some validation that is done as part of the export process to determine whether the leave will e exported
  • Any unpaid leave type will be successfully exported
  • Paid leave will only be exported if the employee has been assigned that type of leave in Xero

New invoice tags for budget table on invoice template

A new data tag in available on the budget table of the invoice template.

  • InvToDate: The total invoiced to date (including current invoice) for each budget line
  • InvToDateTot: The total invoice to date (including the current invoice)