Where are billable rates set

There are a few different places that the billable rates can be set. Setting them up correctly at the start of a project will make your life easier.

There are a few different places that the billable rates can be set. This will seem overwhelming, but when creating a project, if you first set the correct rate for a person (project > settings > people) that rate will automatically be picked up for each part of the project going forward,

Billable rates will either default from the global billable rates (set per role) or from the posting of a person (set per person). However, you can always override these and manually set the rate for any person on a project or timecode.


Admin > Global Billable Rates

If you set standard rates per role we recommend you use global billable rates.

If you operate in multiple currencies you can also set a default rate for each role in each currency you use.

  • You can specify rates per Role, and they will be used by default when adding people with that role (set on their posting) to new projects and timecodes.
  • This is considered a standard rate.
  • If Global rates are setup they will trump a default rate set on a person’s posting.
  • If you operate 

Admin > Custom Billable Rates

  • You can create a rate card with rates set per role, and make this available to one or more companies.
  • Then when creating a project for that company you have the option of telling that project to use that rate card (rather than standard rates). You specify that on the project settings > general

Person > Posting

If you set standard rates per person these will be set on their posting.

If you operate in multiple currencies you will need to manually adjust the billable rate on projects that are running in a different currency to the rate that is set on their posting.

  • You can specify a default billing rate for an individual on their posting.
  • This is considered a standard rate, and will be used if there is no Global Rate set up for that person’s position

Project > Settings > General

  • By default a project is set to Standard Rates, but you can select a Custom Billable Rate card if one is available

Project Settings > People

  • By default the rate for each person on the project will be determined by the billable setting for the project (standard rates or custom rates).
  • The standard rate will be either from the Global or Posting rate.
  • You can elect to manually set a billable rate for a person here (essentially over riding the standard or custom rates)

Timecode level rates

  • It is also possible to set a specific rate on a timecode and have that applied to each person (timecode default rate)
  • You can also set the rate for each person on each timecode (either standard rate, custom rate or manually set)