08 Mar 2023 - Swap resourcing from more screens

Included in this release:

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Swap resourcing from more screens

Projectworks' swap resource feature allows you to quickly change all the hours resourced to another person without re-entering all the details – and this can now be done from more places!

  • Resourcing > My Resourcing

  • Resourcing > By Project

  • Resourcing > By Person

  • Project > Resourcing

  • Person > Resourcing

Read more about how to swap resourcing →

Project budgets with zero’ed out forecasts can now be deleted

Until now, if forecasts were entered on a project budget but then removed (deleted or zero’ed out), you were unable to delete that budget. This restriction has now been removed so you can more easily tidy up your projects when things change.