09 Apr 2023 - Planned expenses & other expense enhancements

Included in this release:

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Planned expenses

Future dated expenses can now be seen in a new 'Planned Expenses' tab (as well as all the other places you expect to see them). Expenses that are to be paid for directly by the company have a new status field which you can use to help plan anticipated project costs, including “approval to spend” on a project.

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Configure expense fields as required or optional

Some expense fields can now be set to required or optional to suit your business needs and keep things more efficient. Configurable fields are: Comment, Attachments, Description for Invoice Breakdown.

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Expense price inclusive or exclusive of sales tax

You can now set the price of an expense as being inclusive or exclusive of sales tax. For historical expenses where a sales tax type has been selected we’ve set the price to be inclusive of sales tax. For ones where the sales tax type was left blank we’ve marked these with a special “unspecified” option, as we don’t know if the price was intended to be inclusive or exclusive of sales tax. This will not impact the way expenses behave, and there is no need to change your data if you don’t want to.

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Easier to see future timesheets

We’ve added an option to the All Timesheets and My Timesheets screens to show future timesheets, so it's now much easier to see them in one list.