10 Oct 2021 - Numbering systems

Enable project numbering to automatically assign each project the next number in the sequence.

Included in this release:

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    Numbering systems

    In this release we have added the first phase of our numbering system, with the option to enable project numbers and new options for setting up your invoice number structure.

    The numbering systems can be maintained by your Projectworks administrator on the system > numbers page in the admin section 

    Project numbers

    You can now enable project numbering to automatically assign numbers as projects are created. Set up a number structure including a prefix and "next" number. There are options for a global sequence as well as sequences for specific companies.

    Refer to the Project numbers article for more information. 

    Invoice Numbers

    Additional options have been added, allowing a global sequence (current functionality), sequences per organisation as well as for specific companies.

    Invoices will be allocated the "next number" in the applicable sequence.

    The invoice number setup has been moved from the settings page, and is now done on the system > numbers page in the admin section


    API - non breaking change

      When creating a project, validation of the RevenueRateCardID has been updated.

      • Values can be retrieved by calling the /Common/RevenueRateCards API end point
      • Valid values are NULL or any integer that maps to a valid rate card assigned to the Client (Company) specified in the ClientID

      Refer to the swagger definition to see all endpoints