14 January 2024 - WIP by Budget report and setting the order of budget lines

Included in this release:

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WIP by Budget report

A new WIP by Budget report gives you the value of time or expenses that have not yet been invoiced, and offers visibility of the financial health of budgets relative to their progress. The WIP by budget report is similar to the Projects by WIP screen, but gives you greater granularity dependent on what information you are wanting.

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Enhancements to Projects by WIP screen

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the Projects by WIP screen that was released in July 2023! Your feedback is really valuable and helps inform how we enhance the Projectworks product.

To make understanding the Projects by WIP easier and deliver more value, we have made a few changes to the Projects by WIP screen, including:

  • Adding a new filter to treat draft invoices as either invoiced or WIP amounts;

  • Adding and repurposing some columns, so that you have more granular visibility of time and expenses;

  • Updating some of the column headings and help text.

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We have also added some new invoice settings, to enable you to raise invoices using the system default settings or using the date selected for the Projects by WIP. The system settings are based on today’s date as opposed to the date selected for the Projects by WIP.

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Ability to set the order of budget lines

You can now set the order of your budget lines in your project. This allows more flexibility in the way the budgets are displayed, when they are not entered in to Projectworks sequentially. Quote and invoice budget lines will also be defaulted to this order, making creating quotes and invoicing projects with multiple budgets more efficient.

Note: On existing projects the budget lines are displayed in alphabetical order, but can bow be reordered.

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