15 May 2022 - Projects by budget health & login with MFA

Included in this release:

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Projects by Budget Health

A Projects by budget health screen has been introduced to show the financial position of all projects to budget. You can see the current and projected position, with lots of options to customise the screen.

Project by health

Refer to the Projects by Budget Health article for more information


Utilise multi-factor authentication when logging in

A new security option has been added, with users able to setup multi-factor authentication when logging in to Projectworks. 

For administrators, the users screen in the admin section shows which users have MFA enabled. We also have the option for establishing single sign-on using Microsoft Azure AD.

Refer to the MFA article for details on how to set up multi-factor authentication


Linking purchase orders/references to invoices

The behaviour of the default purchase order / reference field on the settings > invoicing page of a project has been enhanced. There are now three very clear options for linking that field through to the invoices:

  • Always use this purchase order no. / reference on invoices
  • Use previous invoice's reference
  • Leave invoice reference blank


Improvements to managing contacts

Following on from the recent changes to billing contacts we have further updates to make it easier to manage your contacts.

Create a new contact when creating an invoice

The Billing contact field on an invoice now includes the option to "Add new". You just need to enter a name and email address to add a new contact from here.

Add contact from invoice

Refer to the maintaining contacts article for more information

Contacts directory

The contacts directory which lists all contacts. The directory can be customised and downloaded to CSV.

Refer to the contacts directory article for more information