Projects by Budget Health

The Projects by Budget Health screen provides an overview of all projects financial position against budget. It allows you to easily identify which projects are over budget now as well as projects which are projected to go over budget in the future.

See the budget position of all projects in one place

The Project by Budget Health screen is accessed from the Projects menu.

Projects by health reports shows he current and projected budget status

On the first visit to the screen the list has been kept simple, showing the current financial position of the project. Along with the budget, columns relating to the current burn are shown:

Current burn

  • Worked (amount): Billable value of time entries to date
  • Expenses (amount): Billable amount of billable expenses to date
  • Burn (amount): Worked amount + expenses amount
  • Burn (%): Burn divided by the budget
  • Burn (Progress): Burn % as a graph 

Customising the view 

The screen can be customised to your preference, choose which columns you want to see, filter the results and group the projects in a certain way. 

Show / hide columns

The screen can be customised by using the Hide / show / group options to choose which columns you want to see and how to have the projects grouped.


You can also turn on these other columns to get a sense of project burn and revenue.

Projected Burn

  • Remaining Resourced (amount): Billable value of all future resourced hours
  • Future Expenses (amount): Billable value of future dated billable expenses
  • Projected Burn (amount): Current burn + remaining burn (time & expenses)
  • Projected Burn (%): Projected burn divided by budget
  • Projected Burn Progress: Projected burn % as a graph


  • Invoiced Amount (amount): Total approved invoices raised to date
  • Remaining forecast to invoice (amount): Total future forecasts (to be invoiced)
  • Projected Revenue (amount): Invoiced amount + remaining forecast (time & expenses)
  • Projected Revenue (%): Projected revenue divided by budget
  • Projected Revenue Progress: Projected revenue % as a graph


Margin data is currently behind a beta flag. If you would like to include margin on this screen, first enable the beta feature in Settings > System > Features > “Project Budget Health Margin (beta)”. If you don’t have access to the Features page please talk to your Projectworks Administrator. Once enabled, margin columns will be available to be shown. Note, only users who have the “Can see margin” permission can see these columns. Columns available:

  • Current Margin (amount): Invoiced Amount to date - Burn amount to date

  • Current Margin (%): Current Margin divided by Total approved invoices raised to date

  • Current Margin Progress: Current margin % as a graph

  • Projected Margin (amount): Projected revenue amount - Projected future burn (time and expenses)

  • Projected Margin (%): Projected Margin amount divided by (Burn amount to date + Projected future burn (time and expenses))

  • Projected Margin Progress: Current margin % as a graph


Filtering and Grouping

The screen can be customised by using the Hide / show / group options to choose which columns you want to see and how to have the projects grouped.

Use the filters and group by options to tailor the way the projects are presented. Examples you might find useful are:

  • Filtering by Project Manager to see your projects
  • Grouping by Burn % to see all projects within each of the burn bands

Grouping your projects by burn % is a useful way to see projects that are over budget down to projects that may not have started or made minimal progress.

All columns can be sorted too, just click the column heading to sort based on that.

Controlling access to the screen

All people with an access level that allows visibility of projects and ability to see dollars (financial information) can be granted access to the Projects by Budget Health screen. 

Projectworks administrators

To set up the access levels to allow access to this screen you will need to tick:

  • Can go to projects
  • Can see dollars
  • Can view budget is enabled
  • Can view project by budget health 

Only projects a person is allowed to see will be included. When setting up access levels there are options to allow access to:

  • all projects
  • all projects you are the Project Manager for
  • only projects in that person's organisation
  • only projects you are assigned to