15 Oct 2023 - Set status for invoices exported to Xero, currency conversion on invoice list screens

Included in this release:

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Set status for invoices exported to Xero

You now have the ability to set the status of invoices exported to Xero. By default all exported invoices land in Xero with the status of ‘Draft’ - you are are now able to change this to be either Submitted or Approved to suit your business needs and reduce double-handling.

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View invoice list screens in one currency

For those of you who operate in multiple currencies, you now have the option to view invoices on the invoice list screens in either their original currency, or converted to a single currency.

Eased restrictions for GL code mapping

Projectworks now supports the ability to cross map Invoice and Expense GL codes between the platform and Xero, i.e. an Invoice GL code in Projectworks can be mapped to an Expense GL code in Xero and vice versa. This setup is complex, so be mindful when you set up the mappings to ensure that the correct mapping is in place to support your business practices.

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