19 Sept 2021 - Jira tickets to timecodes

Jira integration has been expanded, users can be SSO enabled by default and a new setting to set default date of invoices.

Included in this release:

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    New setting for invoice dates

    A new global setting allows your environment to be configured to default the date of new invoices to either:

    • last day of previous month
    • current date
    • last day of the current month

    Projectworks administrators:

    We suggest you talk to the people who create your invoices to see which option would be the most useful for them. You can change the selection for the default date for new invoices on the settings page in the admin section. 


    See burn summary on project budget screen

    There has been a change to how you can see the detailed burn of your project budget.

    As part of supporting the new options for project pricing, you have the option to show timecodes on the budget screen. When this is selected you can click the timecode name or icon to see the details of the burn of that timecode.

    See budget burn on project budget screen


    Set all people to SSO enabled by default

    New setting allowing you to use SSO as the default method for logging in.

    Changing the default from standard login to SSL login will:

    • update all existing users to be SSO enabled
    • set any new users that are created to SSO enabled by default.

    You can still manually disable SSO for specific users if required, and the Projectworks administrator can disable SSO at anytime which will revert all users to standard login mode.


    Jira integration - phase 2

    We will be in the Atlassian Marketplace soon, but until then we are only available as a private listing. Please email support@projectworks.io if you would like the installation details and to join the Jira beta programme.

    The integration with Jira has been extended with options for configuring which projects in Projectworks can have time logged from within Jira. On the settings > time tab for a project you can:

    • specify which Jira projects can have time logged to the Projectworks project
    • specify whether time will be logged to existing timecodes, or whether a timecode is created for each Jira ticket  


    Refer to the Log time from Jira article for more information. 


    Other changes

    • New option on timesheet - show all assigned timecodes. Selecting this option will display all timecodes that you are able to log time to.  
    • When adding a new project you can now choose to add people as your next step in the set up process. We recommend using this option and setting your team up as your first task).