2 Aug 2021 - Xero tracking categories

The integration with Xero has been updated with the option to utilise the tracking categories on invoices.


Please contact support@projectworks.io if you would life to discuss making the most out of the integration of Projectworks and Xero. 

Integration options include invoices, expenses (bills to pay) as well as leave for payroll.

Xero tracking categories available for invoices

If you are using tracking categories in Xero you'll be pleased to know you can now use these in Projectworks too.

  1. Simply activate tracking categories in admin > accounting > integration for the organisation/s you which to use them for.
  2. Set the default tracking category options on a project in settings > invoicing 
  3. By default the selected options will be set on each invoice line for the project (and can be changed per invoice line)
  4. The selected options are pushed to Xero as part of the invoice export process removing the need to manually set these on the invoices once in Xero.

Edit mappings of the organisation you want to enable tracking categories for


Refer to the Using Xero tracking categories on invoices article