23 July 2023 - Expense default settings, ability to change company on projects in-flight

Included in this release:

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Default sales tax on expenses

Set up defaults for expenses to save time and reduce double-handling due to incorrectly filled in sales tax. A general default sales tax can now be set, as well as a default per expense type.

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Make sales tax field mandatory on expenses

By default the sales tax selection is optional on expenses but this can now be set to mandatory to help reduce double-handling due to users leaving this blank when submitting expenses.

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Ability to change company on projects in-flight

We know that for engineering and architecture firms it's quite common for the billing entity for a project to change over time. Until now, if an invoice had been raised on a project we prevented the company being edited. It is now possible to change the company for a project once invoices have been raised without contacting support.