28 January 2024 - Invoiced revenue calculation for people margins and additional filters in time entries screens

After two fairly sizable releases to kick off the new year, this week we have made a few small tweaks that we hope will enhance your experience!

Included in this release:

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Invoiced revenue amounts in People Margin reporting updated

To better understand people's margins, the Margin by Person report and Person Margin screen now recognise time invoiced up to and including the end of the current month, regardless of the time frame that has been selected.

e.g. if you are viewing the Margin by Person report or Person Margin screen for December 2023, any of this time invoiced in January 2024 will be displayed as invoiced revenue against December 2023.

  1. John logs 5 hrs for December 2023 at $100 per hour = $500

  2. John logs no time for January 2024 = $0

  3. John’s time of $500 from December 2023 is invoiced in January 2024

  4. In the Margin by Person report and Person Margin screen

    1. John’s invoiced revenue for December 2023 = $500

    2. John’s invoiced revenue for January 2024 = $0

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Additional Time Entries filters and group by options

New filters and group by options have been added to some of the time entries screens, to enable you more flexibility in how you view the data, e.g. viewing write-on and write-off values in different ways if you are viewing the “Invoiced Delta” column.

You can now:

  • Filter by billable (or non-billable) timecodes;

  • Filter and group by Account Manager; and

  • Group by Account Manager. 

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