3 Apr 2022 - Project Manager specific access levels

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Access levels for the person who is the Project Manager

The latest round of changes to managing access levels has been completed. Adding to the existing options, you can set up an access level that has a series of permissions for the person who is the Project Manager.

As part of the set up of an access level you will need to specify whether people with this access level are able to be set as a project manager.

Only people assigned to an access level with this option ticked will appear in the lists of people available to be set as the project manager for a project.


Within a single access level you can establish different permissions for:

  • All projects
  • Own organisation: For projects within the organisation of the person
  • Assigned projects (Project Manager): For all projects the person is the listed Project Manager, regardless of which organisation they are for
  • Assigned projects only: For projects the person has been added to the settings > people screen for (has timecodes assigned, has entered time or has been resourced) 

Project numbers are now editable

If you have enabled project numbers there is now the ability to edit the assigned project number if needed. 

Refer to the project numbers help article.