Adding a new posting

Step-by-step on how to add a user's posting to update their location, team, charge rate, employment agreement, etc.

It is likely that people will have multiple postings over time. Should someone's posting details change, a new posting is created to "take over" from the existing one. 

We don't recommend editing a person's current posting as we need the historical information intact to allow for accurate reporting. Don't worry, you won't need to add in all the information again, when you create a new posting the old information is auto-filled. 

Step 1:

Click on "People" on the left-hand bar.

Step 2:

Click on the person's name you wish to edit to bring up their profile.

Step 3:

Click on Postings.

Step 4: 

Click the green + New Posting button in the top right to add a new posting.

You can also add a new posting from any of the person's tabs. Just click on the green + New button on the top right and select New Posting.

Step 5: 

Edit the relevant information to reflect the update to the person's posting and click "Save".

Tips and rules for adding a new posting:

  • Only one posting can be active at any time
  • Postings can be queued up to start in the future and will automatically become active on the posting start date (the previous posting will automatically be end dated).
    • this can be helpful if you are creating a set of postings for a new employee who may have a utilisation target changing over say the first 3 months of employment
    • you can set up new postings to reflect a change to your organisation structure ahead of the change over date
  • In most cases, a person's posting will be ongoing (no end date)
  • A posting should only be edited if something was entered incorrectly
  • it would be very rare to need to delete a posting and should be done so carefully (deleting a posting could change the start/end dates of other postings)

If you were wanting to edit a user's account details (name, job title, start date, etc)  instead click here.