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Your organisation may want to set up revenue budgets and monitor progress to them throughout the year. Setting up budgets is a two step process, first by creating the budget types, then setting the budget amounts.

Progress to the budget can be seen on the Executive Dashboard and the Forecast vs Budget reports.

Rather than editing existing budgets you could create additional budget types during the year. For example you could create a “3 + 9 Budget” after the first quarter, setting the actual revenue amounts for the first 3 months, and retain the budget amount for the remainder of the year

Maintaining budgets

Select the applicable budget, financial year and currency and then set the monthly budgets by entering the budgeted amount for each revenue code you are tracking against.

There is only one set of budget amounts for each budget type for each financial year. Changing one of the figures will alter any reporting that has already been done.

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Finance - Budgets


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