HubSpot to Projectworks

Connect Projectworks and HubSpot and use the HubSpot workflows to create and update Projectworks Companies, Projects and Contacts.

Enabling the integration

Go to: Settings > Integration > Enable Integrations and enable the HubSpot

Once the integration has been enabled in your environment you will be able to authenticate with HubSpot to establish the connection between the two systems.

This in done in the admin section: admin > integration > enable integrations

Hubspot - enable integration

With the HubSpot integration enabled you will be able to complete the setup on the HubSpot tab.

You will need to have HubSpot administrator access to establish the connection.

How the integration works

The heavy lifting of setting up the integration is done within HubSpot where you use the HubSpot workflow function to build the workflows to create the necessary entities within Projectworks.

A HubSpot administrator can create workflows in HubSpot to invoke Projectworks actions to:

  1. Create a Projectworks Company & Project;

  2. Create a Projectworks Contact; or

  3. Update an existing Projectworks Company, Project or Contact.

A simple example would be to automatically create a company and a signed project in Projectworks when a deal is won in HubSpot. You can have multiple workflows running to, for example you could have another workflow to create an unsigned opportunity project in Projectworks if the probability of the deal reaches 80% in HubSpot.

Please note that you must be a HubSpot Administrator

Below is an example showing how to create a HubSpot workflow that will create a project in Projectworks when a deal is won in HubSpot. Note that you can create multiple workflows if needed.

When setting up a “Create a Projectworks Company & Project” workflow, ensure that it is Deal-based.

Read more about how to set up HubSpot workflows –> 

Creating a workflow in HubSpot to create projects in Projectworks when deals are won


HubSpot Connection Error

If you are attempting to connect Projectworks to HubSpot and encounter the “HubSpot Connection Error”, login to HubSpot in another browser tab, and then try and connect again.