Invoicing tips & tricks

Omit $0 lines from invoice PDF

Select this option to exclude any invoice lines for $0 from the invoice PDF. This would be useful if you have an invoice line where you are writing off time.

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All invoice lines will be exported to the accounting system - it is only the invoice PDF generated by Projectworks that is impacted.

Consolidate invoice lines with the same description

In some cases the way an invoice needs to be structured will differ from the way the work is being managed. For example, a customer may want an invoice with one line for the total of the work done, but the project has been structured with 4 different budget lines where time and expense are recorded.

To consolidate the invoice lines, copy and past the same description into the lines that are to be combined. The invoice PDF will show a single invoice line for the total value of each invoice line that has the same description, although when creating the invoice there were 4 lines on it.

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All invoice lines will be exported to the accounting system - it is only the invoice PDF generated by Projectworks that is impacted.

Changing the hours to be invoiced

Each billable time entry is automatically available for invoicing, for the full value of the time (hours x billable rate). It is possible to adjust this at the time of invoicing, by changing the Hrs value of the time entry. The value can be adjusted higher or lower to alter the billable value of that time entry for invoicing purposes.

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Over riding the hours on a time entry does not change the time entry, it simply adjusts the hours and billable value for invoicing and what is included in the invoice breakdown report.

How to handle pre-bill invoices

It isn’t uncommon to raise an invoice ahead of all the work being done. In these cases, the invoice will be created in either the forecast or manual billing methods as the amount is not driven by time and expense entries.

  1. Raise invoice for the required amount (forecast or manual mode)

  2. At the end of each month, edit the invoice and tick the new time or expense entries that are to be associated with that invoice.

    1. The amount of the invoice will not be changed, linking the entries to the invoice shows they have been invoiced

  3. Create new invoices once the pre-bill amount has been consumed

Writing off time

One way to write off time is to move time entries to a non-billable timecode as entries on non-billable timecodes are not available for invoicing.

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Other options for writing off time is to raise an invoice for $0 in manual mode, and link the time entries that are not being billed to the customer. This is essentially selling the time for $0.

Your company will likely have policies covering writing off time.

If time or expenses have been invoiced in error, a credit or credit note can be raised to off-set the erroneous amount.

Read more about credits and credit notes →


Including historical time and billable expense entries 

It's possible to see very old entries, outside of the timeframe or your invoice. This is because any un-invoiced time and billable expense entries will be included on new invoices until they are 'dealt with'.

For time: either include the time entries in your invoice as per normal or write them off.

Future time and billable expense entries

By default, only entries up to the invoice date will be ticked as included. Any entries that have been logged after the invoice date will be available to be included on the invoice. You can manually choose to include them (by checking them), or just ignore them.

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Updating an invoice date  

It’s possible to edit the invoice date of a draft invoice, however if you do change the invoice date:

  • the invoice budget lines; and the underlying:

    • uninvoiced time; or

    • uninvoiced expenses;

will be updated to include the outstanding uninvoiced time and expenses up to and including the new invoice date:

  1. including any time or expense entries that you selected that are dated after the updated invoice date; and

  2. excluding any time or expense entries that you removed that are dated earlier than the updated invoice date.

If you had initially removed a specific budget line these changes will not be maintained, and any time or expense entries dated up to and including the updated invoice date will be selected to be included in the updated invoice.

Unable to create an invoice or create invoices in bulk 

If the access level assigned to the User does not have the permission to create or edit invoices, then they will not see the option to create a new invoice of take the bulk action to create an invoice for multiple projects.

Projectwork administrators can got to: Settings > Users > Access Levels to update access levels