Line item structure and qty x rate on invoices

When billing T&M, you have the option to choose the structure of each invoice line item:

  • Consolidated: one invoice line for each budget line

  • Per Role: Within each budget, one invoice line per role (e.g. Senior Consultant) and billable rate

  • Per Person: Within each budget, one invoice line per person and billable rate

Consolidated line items

A consolidated line item is not split by either person or role, it is simply the amount to invoice for that budget line. You have the option to adjust consolidated line items in the following ways:

  • Time or Expenses entries: This is the default behaviour and simply takes the value of all time or expense entries to give you a total amount (no qty x rate).

  • Manual (amount): Allows you to just change the calculated amount on a line item to a manual amount of your choosing, e.g. change $1,001.90 to $1,000.00.

  • Manual (qty & rate): Allows you to switch from displaying a single amount to a qty x rate of your choosing (e.g. change $1,001.90 to be calculated with a Qty of 10 and a Rate of $100 = $1,000). Using this method lets you add invoice lines for many things:

    • e.g. Site visits: Qty 4 at rate of $150 = $600 to be invoiced

    • e.g. Accommodation allowance: Qty 2 at rate of $400 = $800 to be invoiced 

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Line Per Role & Person

For each budget, you can display separate invoice line items per role (e.g. Senior Consultant) or person, their quantity of hours worked multiplied by their billable rate. You have the option to adjust these line items in the following ways:

  • Time entries: This is the default behaviour where the qty and rate are driven from each role/person’s hours worked and billable rate. You can untick any entries you don’t wish to include on the invoice.

  • Manual (qty & amount): Allows you to manually override the qty of hours worked or the total amount. Note, you cannot override the rate.

There is a lot of information when creating and editing an invoice with qty x rate, and you may want to use the “Simple View” for a representation of what your customers will see.

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Setting the line item structure

If a project is using the T&M billing method it is possible to set the default line item structure. Every budget (excluding expense budgets) will be displayed in this structure.


This can be changed on an invoice by clicking “Advanced View” and choosing a different structure. You can have a variety of line item structures on the same invoice. Using the line per role or line per person structure allows you to have your invoice lines display the Qty and Rate of all time entries.

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