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Fiscal Year

Enter the month that your fiscal year starts from. There is currently no logic associated with this setting as the financial year set up is being used to set a financial reporting period

In the future, the month set here will be used to populate fiscal year based filters.

Refer to the Financial Years article for details on how fiscal years are currently handled →

Organisational standard work weeks

When creating an organisation you need to setup the standard work week hours for a full time employee (eg 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday). If you have multiple organisations set up you can see and edit the standard hours for each here.

The organisation standard work weeks can be edited either on the organisation itself, or from this page.

Simply edit the edit the hours and save to make changes.

IMPORTANT: If the standard work week structure for an organisation is updated, the new structure will only apply to new people that are created for that organisation. Existing capacity for people, or postings, belonging to that organisation will not be updated.