System > Project defaults

To help streamline the setup of new projects there are a number of values that can be configured to be automatically set when a new project is created.

Please note that these settings are only defaults used when creating a new project. The settings can be adjusted on a project-by-project basis as required. For example if you have the default billing method set to Time and Materials billing you are still able to change this to default to forecasts on some projects.

There are four default settings that can be specified.

Expenses billable to customer

Which expenses (company paid and/or reimbursable) will automatically set as billable to the customer.

System defaults (unless changed)

  • All company paid expenses set to billable
  • Approved reimbursable expenses set to billable.

Regardless of the default settings for a project, each expense can manually be set to being billable or non-billable to the customer.

Project default billing method

Whether invoices are defaulted to the revenue forecasts or the value of time and expenses.

System default (unless changed)

  • Fixed (revenue forecasts)

Regardless of the default settings, an invoice can always be changed to use the forecast, time and expenses, or for a manual amount

Include expense sales tax in billable amounts

Whether the sales tax portion of an expense is included in the billable amount. In most instances the tax exclusive value for an expense will be used for invoicing the customer, with applicable sales tax added on the invoice.

System default (unless changed)

  • False (sales tax excluded)

There are options to set the specific rules on expense types, including the type of sales tax that will be used and whether a default mark up amount will be applied. 

Refer to expense settings for more detail →

Default project invoices to use day rates

Use days or hours as the unit when invoicing (time entries and billable rates will be converted from hours to days on the invoice). 

System default (unless changed)

  • False (uses Hours as units)