Unit pricing on expenses

If your organisation deals with mileage or items in bulk, you may like to take advantage of unit pricing on expenses. This means an expense like mileage can be logged as 100 x $0.80 instead of typing in a single amount of $80.00.

Enabling unit pricing on your tenant

By default unit pricing on expenses is not enabled. Your Projectworks administrator can enable this in Settings > System > Expense Settings > Enable qty x unit pricing.


Once any expense has been created using qty x unit price this feature cannot be turned off at a system level until all of these expenses have been updated to not use qty x unit pricing.

Logging an expense with qty x unit price

If qty x unit pricing is enabled you will see a checkbox next to the Expense Type field “use qty x unit price” when creating an expense. When this is unchecked you can enter a single price for the expense. When this is checked you can enter a qty and unit price, with the total qty x unit price calculated for you. Both modes can be entered inclusive or exclusive of sales tax.

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Setting default unit prices

Projectworks administrators are able set the qty and unit price fields to automatically display if a user selects a certain expense type when creating a new expense. They can also set a default unit price so users will only need to enter the quantity when creating these kinds of expenses.

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