User preferences (your own settings)

Set up your preferences to customise the way you use certain features.

Each person has their own setting page where they can set their preferences for how some features work.

Timesheets settings

When on your timesheet you are able to switch between the day and week view and choose which columns you want to see. 

Refer to the using your timesheet article for customisation options


In addition, there are three settings available to customise the behaviour of your timesheet. 

Time auto formatting

All time entered into timesheets is displayed as time (h:mm) but you can choose  whether "1" is treated as one hour or one minute when you enter it.

Whole numbers as hours

  • Enter 1 for 1:00 (one hour)
  • Enter 15 for 15:00 (fifteen hours)

Whole numbers as minutes

  • Enter 1 for 0:01 (one minute)
  • Enter 15 for 0:15 (fifteen minutes)

Use decimals for partial hours

  • Enter 1.0 or 1. for 1:00 (one hour)
  • Enter 0.5 of .5 for 0:30 (half hour)
  • Enter 0.25 for 0:15 (quarter hour)
  • Enter 1.75 for 1:45 (one and three quarter hours)

Enter as time (h:mm)

  • Enter 1:00 for one hour
  • Enter 0:30 for thirty minutes
  • Enter 0:15 for fifteen minutes
  • Enter 1:45 for one hour and forty five minutes

Display of the comments field

If you like to enter a comment with your time entry select show optional comment to always display the comment field when entering time. 

Timesheet - comment

The comment field will always show for timecodes that require comments.

If not shown by default, you can click the speech bubble icon or or press 'c' to see the comment field.

Use of the enter key in the comments field

When entering a comment there are two options available for how the enter key will work.

  • Save the comment
  • New line in the comment

When typing a comment shift + enter will start a new line in the comment.