06 Aug 2023 - Enhancement to HubSpot integration, ability to bulk withdraw approved timesheets

Included in this release:

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Enhancement to HubSpot integration

The Create Projectworks Company & Project from a Deal-based workflow has been enhanced to enable you to include the deal currency and the deal amount as a single project budget.

In addition, you can create contacts in Projectworks via a Contact-based workflow.

You will also be able to create trigger workflows to update Projectworks companies, projects and contacts that have been created via HubSpot, so that you can keep the Projectworks records in synch with your HubSpot records.

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Ability to bulk withdraw approved timesheets

In addition to being able to bulk approve timesheets, you can now bulk withdraw approved timesheets. A handy enhancement when you need to move time to different timecodes after timesheets have been approved.

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