16 Jul 2023 - New beta Projects by WIP screen, custom field filters on invoice list screens

Included in this release:

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New Projects by WIP screen (beta)

A new Projects by WIP screen gives you the value of time and expenses logged that have not yet been invoiced, and offers visibility of the financial health of your projects relative to their progress. The screen is currently in beta so please contact us if you would like it enabled.

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Custom field filters on invoice list screens

A couple of releases ago we added the ability to show custom fields as filters, groups, and columns to the project and people lists screens. This has now been rolled out to the invoice list screens so you can expose project custom fields to six more screens.

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Export company paid expenses to QuickBooks

Last month we introduced the ability to export company paid expenses to Xero as a bill to pay suppliers - this has now been rolled out to QuickBooks integrated customers.

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