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Setting up the integration to your accounting system is a a key step in configuring your environment. 

Projectworks has integrations available for Xero, QuickBooks Online and MYOB AccountRight. There are differences in what each integration offers - and you only need to set up the options you wish to use.

Setting up the integration with your accounting system

The process is quick and easy to do, and once the connection has been successfully established and configured the applicable options will be available for use.


The process involves

  • Establishing the connection to your accounting system

  • Setting up the necessary mappings to link Projectworks entities to their counterparts in your accounting system.

Credentials for the accounting system will need to be entered to establish the connection. Ensure the credentials used will have admin access to the accounting system.

Notes regarding creating the connection

  • Clicking on your accounting provider requires a person in your organisation to be both a System Administrator in Projectworks and to have the correct accounting credentials.

  • Creating the connection does not create an automatic flow of information.

  • The integration requires those with the appropriate Projectworks access levels to push data (invoices, expenses, timesheets) to the accounting system and pull data from the accounting system such as (payment data against invoices paid in your accounting system).

  • If using the leave integration with Xero payroll, approving a leave request in Projectworks will automatically export the request to Xero payroll

  • The connection and mappings only need only to be completed once - the systems will remain connected (as long as the credentials used to connect are valid)


The integration with Xero includes options for invoices, expenses for accounting, and for leave and timesheets if using Xero payroll.

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QuickBooks Online

The integration with QuickBooks Online includes options for invoices and expenses.

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MYOB AccountRight

The integration with MYOB AccountRight support invoices only.

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