Entering resourcing

Projectworks allows users to add or edit resourcing at a person or project level.

Resourcing is the act of assigning people to projects to plan for capacity. People can be resourced a certain number of hours per day, per week, or per month.

Resourcing can be entered across all of the resourcing screens:

  • My Resourcing

  • Resourcing by Project

  • Resourcing by Person

  • Resourcing by Availability

  • Project > Resourcing

  • Person > Resourcing

You can also add resourcing from any of the tabs when you are viewing a person or viewing a project. Simply select the “+New” button and select “Add Resourcing”.

There are two key ways for adding and editing existing resourcing values:

  1. Using the resourcing pop-up; or

  2. Entering resourcing directly on the screen

Using the resourcing pop-up

There are two resourcing pop-ups:

  1. The resourcing by project pop-up is invoked from a person resourcing screen:

    1. My Resourcing;

    2. Resourcing by Person;

    3. Resourcing by Availability;

    4. Person > Resourcing

    And when you select the “+New” button and select “Add Resourcing” when you are viewing a person.

  2. The resourcing by person pop-up is invoked from a project resourcing screen:

    1. Resourcing by Project

    2. Project > Resourcing

And when you select the “+New” button and select “Add Resourcing” when you are viewing a project.

The resourcing by project and person pop-ups are essentially the same, excepting:

  1. You will need to select a project when adding resource for a person;

  2. You will need to select a person when adding resource for a project;

    1. If you have a large resourcing pool, you can also filter the people by team, role etc.

If a project’s resourcing is set to budget level, you can only also resource people to the project via the project workbench.

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Entering resourcing directly on a screen

If there are some simple changes to make to a person's resourcing it may be quickest to make the edits directly into the resourcing screen. To edit directly on the screen, simply select a cell and enter (or delete) a number. You can tab backward and forward for fast entry. Changes are saved as you tab/click out of the cell. 

Controls available

When clicking a cell set of icons will be displayed to provide extra features that can be used for editing resourcing values:

  1. You can add a comment to the resourcing;

  2. Fill or reduce to the person’s capacity;

  3. Pencil or confirm the person’s capacity; and

  4. Shift resourcing.

Shadow resourcing is a placeholder that is used when a person has not been identified to work on the project, and is always pencilled.

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Fill or reduce to capacity

The shading of a resourcing cell identifies if the person is:

  1. Under-resourced;

  2. Fully resourced; or

  3. Over resourced;

If the person is:

  1. Under-resourced for the period of time, you can fill to capacity;

  2. Fully resourced, you will be unable to fill to capacity or reduce to capacity;

  3. Over-resourced, you can reduce to capacity.

If you are viewing a person’s resourcing in weekly or monthly mode, and fill to capacity or reduce to capacity, the person’s remaining capacity will be equally spread across each day of the person’s work week for the week or month, regardless of the daily remaining capacity, so when you view the resourcing daily, the resourcing will look over or under resourced.

e.g. Harry’s work week is Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day.

  • Every Monday he is resourced on an internal project for 4 hours

  • I view Harry’s resourcing in the weekly mode, and select to fill the week to capacity

  • The remaining 36 hours are allocated across the week as 7.2 hours per day (36 hours divided by 5)

  • If I select to view Harry’s resourcing on a daily basis:

    • Monday will appear over-resourced by 3.2 hours

    • Tuesday - Friday will appear under-resourced by 0.8 hours each day

Shifting resourcing in bulk

If you select to “Shift resourcing” and have resourcing queued up, the resourcing will be shifted in bulk, dependent on the period of time you are viewing the resourcing for, e.g. if you are viewing the resourcing in months, and select to shift the resourcing to the right, the resourcing will all be moved one month in to the future. This can be helpful in a number of scenarios, e.g.

  1. Resourcing for a new project has been added based on a certain start date and the start is delayed;

  2. Victoria is due to be finished on Project A at the end of the week, and has been resourced on Project B from next week onwards, but Project A has been extended, so she can’t start on Project B for another two weeks.

You can “Shift resourcing” as many days, weeks or months as needed to move the resourcing in to the new desired state.

If you are viewing the resourcing in months, and shift it, the resourcing will be re-allocated evenly across the person’s standard working days for the month it has been shifted to. 

If resourcing is brought forward as work can start earlier, it can only be moved if the period of time it is being shifted to has no resourcing entered in it.

Access control

Users with access to maintain resourcing can add and edit resourcing. The user may be restricted to maintaining their own resourcing only, and have restricted access to manage resourcing for specific projects.


I’ve filled a person to capacity, but they are over and under resourced

If you are filling a person to weekly or monthly capacity, their resourcing will be evenly allocated over their working days for the period of time you are allocating them for, regardless of the remaining capacity for a specific day.

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I’ve selected to add a % of a person’s capacity to a project, but it’s incorrect

If you are entering weekly or monthly resourcing, and the person you are resourcing to the project has different working hours for different days of the week, their resourcing will be evenly allocated over their working days for the period of time you are allocating. 

e.g. Joshua has a work week of 36 hours, 8 hours Monday - Thursday, and 4 hours on a Friday.

If I add 100% of Joshua’s weekly capacity as resourcing on a project, the resourcing will be allocated at 7.2 hours per day (so appear under and over resourced if I view Joshua’s daily resourcing). 


I’ve added resourcing for a person with a 0 hour work week, and the resourcing is only allocated to some days in the week

If you are adding resourcing for a person with a 0 hour work week, like a shadow resource, their resourcing will be evenly allocated over their organisation’s working days for the period of time you are allocating them for.

e.g. Sean Penn is a contractor:

  1. Sean works ad hoc hours, so has been set up with a 0 hour work week; and

  2. his organisation has a work week that includes: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday;

If I select to add 21 hours over 21 days resourcing for Sean, the 21 hours are allocated evenly across each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for the selected time frame. 

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