Introduction to users accounts, roles, and postings

This page gives you an overview of how users work within Projectworks before you start adding people.

It's important to understand the three distinct pieces of information required to effectively have a person set up within Projectworks:

1.  A User account - each person needs to have a user account to be able to login to Projectworks.

2. A User role - they also require at least one user role which dictates what access that user gets to various screens or features within their account.

3. A Posting - each person needs to have a posting to allow them to appear in the people directories, be resourced onto a project, and do timesheets.

It is the combination of all of these that ensures people can access what they need and show their current "place" within the organisation. 

User account

  • A user account is required to access Projectworks and is automatically created when you add a person.
  • This contains the login and password information

User role 

  • User roles are assigned to people to provide access to screens and features.
  • Typically everyone will be assigned a "base access role" providing access to the screens and features that your organisation wants everyone to be able to access.
  • Multiple roles can be created and assigned to people to "level up" their privileges - eg, to create projects or raise invoices.


  • A "posting" records specific details about a person, for a certain point in time, including
    • Office, team, position, line manager, capacity, utilisation target, base charge rate


  • People can still login without a posting but they will have no capacity available for resourcing and will not be able to enter timesheets.
  • A user might exist within your environment but their account might be deactivated (or not yet activated). If you can see someone's details under your "People" tab but know they can't log in, head here for our logging in FAQs.


Ready to add a new user to your Projectworks environment? Click here to get underway.