Exporting invoices to your accounting system

Getting invoices from Projectworks into your accounting system is a simple process. Anyone with an access level that allows exporting invoices is able to perform this.

Projectworks is integrated with:

  • Xero

  • QuickBooks (online version only)

  • MYOB AccountRight (online version only)

The integration process is conceptually the same for each of the accounting systems.

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To export an invoice

There is a specific setting on an access level to enable the option to export invoices. Talk to your Projectworks Administrator or support@projectworks.io for assistance with this.

Invoices that have the status of Finance Approved in Projectworks are available to be exported to your accounting system. Each invoice can only be exported once, so if previously exported the export option will no longer be available.

A single invoice can be exported from any of the screens that list invoices, simply click the three dots and select Export this invoice.


Invoices can also be exported in bulk using the bulk action checkboxes. You may find it useful to group invoices by Organisation, Account Manager, Company, etc, to and bulk export in batches.

The Ready for Export screen lists all invoices that have the status of Finance Approved and haven’t been exported yet.

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Once exported

  • Invoices in your accounting system
    Exported invoices will appear in Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB, ready for you to follow your normal financial process. 

    • Please note: Invoices exported to Xero will be exported as as “Draft”, “Submitted” or “Approved” dependent on the Default Xero Invoice Status set up in the Integration > Accounting Invoice mappings Read more about Default Xero Invoice Status →

  • Invoice accounting system reference
    The unique reference for the invoice in the accounting system will be stored on the Projectworks invoice under “More options…”. This reference allows invoice payments to be reconciled from the accounting system into Projectworks. Invoices with this reference cannot be exported again.

  • Company accounting system reference
    This is the name the company corresponds to in the accounting system. For the first invoice exported for a particular company, the company details in Projectworks will be updated with the name of the corresponding entity (Xero Contact Reference, Xero Contact Reference, QuickBooks Reference). If populated, this is used to link future invoices to the applicable company

  • Reconciling payment
    Users with permission to export invoices can also trigger the process to pull back the payment status of invoices from your accounting system. This can be done on any screen under “Invoices” by clicking on the “Reconcile invoices “ button. Reconciliation actions will be time stamped so you know how up to date everything is.


Credit invoices that have exported to Xero or QuickBooks, and have been applied to an invoice can be reconciled.

If you are integrated with MYOB AccountRight , you will be required to manually add a negative “payment” to the credit invoice, so that the credit invoice is removed from the Awaiting Payment screen (and Overdue screen if applicable).

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Export option is not available

There can be a number of reasons why there isn’t an option to export an invoice.

credit invoice that includes both positive and negative values cannot be exported to an accounting system. So if the credit is a greater value than a debit amount you can do one of two things:

  1. If you haven't issued the invoice to your client, you can remove the credit amount from the original invoice and add a credit amount to a new invoice;
  2. Alternatively, if you have issued the invoice to your client, you can:
    1. Enter an invoice and credit note in to your accounting system, and
    2. Manually update the payment against the Projectworks credit invoice when the outstanding amount has been reconciled in your accounting system. 

Errors encountered whilst bulk exporting Invoices

In most instances these errors will be caused by accounting system Invoicing mapping errors. A Projectworks administrator will need to update the Invoicing mapping to enable successful export of invoices to the connected accounting system.

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If an error is encountered when exporting an invoice, the error will be displayed. To redisplay the error:

  • Go to any of the screens where the invoices are displayed;

  • If the Exported column is not displayed, select “Exported” in the Hide/ show/ group filter;

  • Click on the “Export failed” hyperlink against the invoice that you would like to know the export failure reason for.

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Error screen encountered when bulk exporting invoices

In the event that you encounter a server error when bulk exporting invoices, it is likely because the invoices exceed a certain size limit. Select a fewer number of invoices and try again.


My invoices aren't being reconciled

In the event that an invoice has been paid in your accounting system, but is not reconciling in Projectworks, it is likely that the invoice was not exported from Projectworks to your accounting system. In this case, you can manually add an AR and payment to the invoice.