08 Oct 2023 - New person settings, simplified add person flow, & more

Included in this release:

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New person settings section

All of a person’s settings have been consolidated into a single “Settings” tab within their workbench. This section is the now the one place to go to edit someone’s general, login, and connected services info (e.g. Xero references), as well as any custom field information.

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User admin functions available in People section

Inline with the change above, all people settings have been moved into one place - information like access level, last login, and functions like “Change email address” are now available to those that have permission in the main People section (the People list screens, and then clicking through to a person’s settings). The Settings > Users screen has been retired and a new people list screen, “People by Access”, has been added for your convenience.

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Simplified add person flow

Adding a person to Projectworks has been streamlined - and it looks much nicer too!

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Allow users to appear as suppliers on expenses

Until now there was a blanket rule to exclude users from appearing as suppliers on expenses. This can now be overridden by selecting “Allow as a supplier in company paid expenses” on a per user basis - handy for situations where you have contractors who send you invoices to pay, but who are also set up as users in your Projectworks environment.

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System setting for default payment terms

You can now set “Day of the month” as the default payment due date term for invoices. All invoice settings have also been carved out into their own “Invoice Settings” section.

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