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Adding Resourcing to your Project

Resourcing is a cornerstone fundamental within Project Works and provides a lot of information that feeds into many aspects of the wider business. This page runs you through the basics of adding resourcing for the first time.

Key term:


Resourcing is about booking people's time to work on a project. It is entered as a number of hours in a week that they are expected to work on a project. Calculations can be done from the resourced hours.

  • The hours x billable rate feeds into the projected burn, highlighting how much of the budget will be consumed.
  • The "cost" of resourced hours is also calculated, based of the benefits and costs data entered. This helps with calculating margin.

The most basic principle of resourcing is:

"How many hours of effort per week is a person needed on a certain project?"

The video below runs you through the basics of adding resourcing [6m]


Extra information: