Adding Resourcing to a Project (video)

Resourcing is an important concept within Projectworks that feeds into many aspects of the wider business. This page runs you through the basics of adding resourcing.


Resourcing is the act of assigning people to projects to plan for capacity. People can be resourced a certain number of hours per day, per week, or per month. 

  • The hours x billable rate feeds into the projected burn, highlighting how much of the budget will be consumed.
  • The "cost" of resourced hours is also calculated, based of the benefits and costs data entered against individual users. This helps with calculating margin (profitability).

The most basic principle of resourcing is:

"How many hours of effort per day/week/month is a person needed on a certain project?"

The video below runs you through the basics of adding resourcing [6m]

Extra information: