Product Update - September 2023

We’ve been working hard to help you get even more value out of your Projectworks subscription. Here’s a collection of our most recent updates:

Here’s the TL/DR version:

:receipt: Log expenses they way you need with qty x unit price on expenses

:receipt: Reduce doubling handling by setting defaults on expenses

:heart: Use Projects by WIP for work in progress reporting

:mag_right: Customise margin reports with new calculation modes for people margin

:tada: Quotes is out of beta! See a list of all quotes and email quotes directly from Projectworks

How’s this for impressive growth… The Nadi Group, who are a prominent urban design studio based in North America have grown their business 600% in 3 years (yes, you read that correctly) with Projectworks.

Learn more about their secret sauce here :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Qty x unit price on expenses (great for mileage!)

This means an expense like mileage can be logged as 100 x $0.80 instead of typing in a single amount of $80.00, with the total qty x unit price calculated for you.

2023-08-28_16-31-13 (1) (1)

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For the admins - default settings for expenses

Projectworks administrators are able to set a default sales tax on expenses saving finance managers from having to amend incorrectly logged expenses. The qty and unit price fields can also be set to automatically display for certain expense types as well as a default unit price, making the logging and approving of expenses a breeze.

image-20230828-050250 (1)

The settings above result in the following experience when creating an expense:

2023-08-29_14-30-50 (1) (2)

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Use Projects by WIP for work in progress reporting

The new Projects by WIP screen gives you the value of time and expenses logged that have not yet been invoiced, and offers visibility of the financial health of your projects relative to their progress.


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We’ve added new calculation modes for people margin

The Margin by Person report and the Person Margin screen have been updated to enable you to view people’s margin based on accrued revenue, invoiced work or the value of billable work, dependent on what information you require.

image-20230829-012236 (1)

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Our HubSpot integration now has improved workflows

Workflows have been enhanced to include the deal currency and amount as a single project budget. You'll also be able to create workflows to update Projectworks companies, projects and contacts that have been created via HubSpot, so that you can keep the Projectworks records in sync with your HubSpot records.

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Bulk invoice creation for faster and easier invoicing

You can now create invoices in bulk from the project list screens, reducing some manual tasks from your monthly billing process. Invoices will be created using their project’s default billing method, line item structure, and system default due date (e.g. last day or this month, last month, or today).


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Quotes is live for everyone!

After few months in beta, we are releasing Quotes for everyone with additional enhancements. Quotes now appear in the main navigation where you can see a list of all quotes in the system (grouped and filtered how you want), and you can now email them straight out of the system much like you can with invoices.

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Set your filters to align with your frequent tasks. For example you may like to set timesheets to always be filtered to you as the line manager and set to last week, while the other filters reset to blank each time you visit the screen.


Checking “remember selection” means the screen will load with whatever the last filter selection was, saving you from having to do this each time!

Projectworks & QuickBooks: The Nadi Group grow 600% :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The Nadi Group is a prominent North American urban design studio that excels in revitalising spaces. With a focus on residential & mixed-use development, they reimagine living environments into flourishing communities. They’ve been using Projectworks and QuickBooks to help fuel their 600% revenue growth and find financial efficiency in their day to day.

  2309 - Emeka Nnadi  

“We’ve been able to build predictable models for our staffing needs and that has saved us, in the last couple of years, as much as $85,000.”

— Emeka Nnadi, Founder and President of The Nadi Group


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